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Infrabaker® represents the total range of infrared ovens developed by Infrabaker International. The ovens are designed to cook, colour,melt, disinfect and/or mature a wide range of food products such as bacon, chicken, burgers, salmon, dough, vegetables, cheese. Using the latest developments you will achieve the right results also for rounded products with the use of the rolling transfer belt.The process does not require any other medium such as cooking oil, hot air, steam or thermal oil. The direct radiation of the heat on the product results in a minimal loss of liquids and generally a higher yield than competing systems. Starting up and product switching times are practically non-existent. The infrared emitters reach their full capacity within seconds and cool down just as quickly. The emitters are self-cleaning and optionally a belt washing station can be integrated. Infrabaker® stands for high yields, energy efficiency, an oil-free cooking process, constant product quality and high flexibility. Please take a look at the example datasheets below for different products processed on the Infrabaker and their resultant cooking times.


Constant Quality; The touch panel controlled Infrabaker® guarantees constant quality, is easy to operate and requires little specific knowledge for production and daily maintenance. Energy efficient; Infrabaker® uses its energy directly to heat up the product, there is no medium needed such as hot air, steam, oil or thermal oil. The heat up time and cool down time of an emitter is mere seconds. This results in an optimal use of the Infrabaker®. The switching of the emitters works with an infeed sensor. You only consume energy when there is product inside the Infrabaker. This results in favourable energy expenses per Kg of product. The possibility of very quick product changeover is another benefit of the Infrabaker® emitters. Clean production; The Infrabaker® is housed in an aesthetic package. The Infrabaker® system is enclosed in a neat package of doors and panels wich shields operators from moving parts or high temperatures. Doors and panels can be opened and easily removed to gain maximal access for cleaning or maintenance activities. All surfaces and rims designed in such a way they drain naturally and prevent standing water. Besides this the Infrabaker® can be equipped with an integrated belt washer, which keeps the conveyor belt clean during production. Featuring double counter rotating motorized brushed rollers, a high pressure spray bar and a water heater. This all results in minimum cleaning time after finishing production. Easy system; Infrabaker® requires little maintenance besides daily cleaning operations. Periodic checks and maintenance are indicated on the operator panel. By using its own closed loop air system, the Infrabaker® contributes only slightly to process room heating. Infrabaker® is easily tailored to customer production volume requirements with multiple processing widths available. Also there are several mesh grades available for the conveyor belt. Quick installation The Infrabaker® can be integrated in a production facility quite easily with a minimum of infrastructure requirements. Only a small water supply is required for the machine and electrical supply for the control cabinets. The installation comes with cooling air units and flu gas fans to match the Infrabaker capacity. No installations like thermal oil boilers or fuel supplies are required with a cutback in plant maintenance to match



Please call to organise a test at Infrabaker or on you site, we have test units available to prove the benefits of Infrared cooking with the infrabaker

Infrabaker Modular Oven

Compact Infrabaker Oven with top and bottom emitters

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