About  Kortlever

Kortlever (or Technisch Buro Kortlever) is a dynamic family company which has developed over the past decades into one of the leading machine producers for the food industry. With their delivery programme and know-how they have become a trusted partner for many leading food companies. They specialise in bakery, meat and snack production solutions. All of their machines are made from stainless steel and durable plastics and with experienced and innovative design, they are able to ensure the highest hygiene and performance standards. Kortlever utilise their extensive knowledge base from their experienced personnel to design and build a solution to manufacture your products, transport your products or to improve efficiencies through labour saving techniques. Kortlever have a range of standard equipment that they specialise in, such as panning systems, pinners, bowl lifts, strewers, crate handling, rack loading systems and roll plants. But they are also able to offer complete and bespoke lines for your business, such as pizza topping, bacon wrapped sausages, chicken cordon bleu lines, stollen lines. They also have a special section to their business dealing in intralogistics and automation of food production processes.

Kortlever Evolution


Wim Kortlever founds the company in 1985 and his brother Gerard joins in 1986


Kortlever move to the industrial area of Meerkerk, Netherlands, where they still are today


With an expansion to their site Kortlever have all functions 'under one roof'


Kortlever enter the meat industry with their bacon wrapped sausage lines


With continued growth Kortlever expand their site again with a new assembly hall


Kortlever is still family owned and run and going strong

Crate Handling and Logistics

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Meat Processing

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Topping, Pizzas and Snacks

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