Kortlever Bakery

Kortlever were born out of the bakery industry and have honed their expertise in this field since they were founded over 30 years ago. Kortlever produce a wide variety of standard bakery equipment but they are also experts in bakery solutions. For the last few years Kortlever have been working more in fully automated bakery systems and automatic factory logistics such as automated proofing and bread basket handling

Kortlever Retarders, Proofers, Coolers and full bakery lines

Kortlever began with producing paternoster style proofers and in-line retarders, as they have grown in this field then the quality of their equipment has been recognised. They will also integrate a favoured oven of your choice into their system to ensure a turnkey solution. The Kortlever solutions are designed to suit the tins and trays the customer uses and the dimensions of the plant can vary in width, length and height to suit the factory dimensions.

Kortlever Bulk Fermentation Systems

Kortlever have combined their years in bakery equipment manufacturing along with their crate handling expertise and developed systems for  the automation of bulk fermentation.

Kortlever Dough Supply

Kortlever can build and design all types of hoists for the supply of dough. They are built to suit your mixing bowls with options of scrapers and bowl rotation. They are also built for eurobins and crates. They incorporate a hygienic design and incorporate technology from their crate handling systems for health and safety.

Decoration and Topping

Kortlever produce a wide range of equipment for the depositing of materials over baked products, Their universal compact strewer is widely used from putting cheese onto pizza and almonds onto pastry, they also supply flour dusters, roller strewers for herbs and seeds, powder dusters and combinations units.

Panning and Depanning

Kortlever build hygienic panning systems that they use in both the bakery and meat industry. It can be suited to many applications not just for placing products onto a tray or in tins. Kortlever's panners are one of the most robust and accurate systems in the marketplace.

Crate Handling

Crate Handling is an expertise of Kortlever's. Their installations now span across Europe in the Bakery, Meat and Grocery sectors. From simple basket stackers to complex crate handling solutions Kortlever can assist you with your application. All Kortlever systems are open, rugged for continuous use and hygienic in design.

'your innovating partner in food processing and logistics'