About  Nothum

Nothum has been providing further processing equipment and solutions since 1971. Their technologies have been proven to reduce line space by eliminating unneeded equipment, improving accuracy through automated quality control, and reducing the amount of labour needed. They have successfully been able to achieve this through their distinct uniframe design. Although it has taken them a few years to get to where they are today, they have critiqued their business in order to satisfy heir customers. Nothum also provides exceptional customer service, training, trouble shooting, and customised equipment. Nothum Food Processing Systems was established in 1971 by Bob Nothum Sr. His unique approach and design quickly lead to an invention that would forever change the future of the processing industry. His drum style breader become the world’s best selling drum breader to reach the market in the early ’70s. In 1985, Bob Nothum Jr. decided to offically join the family business. His innovative mind has created some of the best solutions to modern day processing. Bob’s inventions consisted of the SuperFlex, BatterPro, and ProTherm with each system changing the future of processing equipment.



The SuperFlex has the ability to change over the main components of the machine, and apply a variety of different coatings. These main components consist of Flatbed, Drum, TripleFlip, and HandToss modes.



The Batterpro is an all-in-one intelligent, battering machine that will mix ingredients with its horizontal mixer, chill the mixture, control the viscosity of mixture and apply the batter or tempura.


VERSACOAT (pictured with AcuFeeder)

Recipe driven coating machine, hooded for dust control, no augers. automatic breading feed system, versatility in coating types without changing equipment.



Nothm Frying Ststem with adjustable top submerge spacing from touch screen, accepts breaded or tempura products, automatic temperature control.



Various Marking and Searing Options with Top and/or Bottom Marking, Top and/or Bottom Searing, Propane or Natural Gas Floating marking discs automatically adjust to accommodate irregular products.



The Single Pass Line is known to pick-up ±30% on the finished product. This is accomplished through a sequence of machines that consist of a preduster, batter, and breader before entering a fryer.


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