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Rheon is a Japan-based corporation and a leading manufacturer of automated food processing machinery. As the pioneering developer of Rheological engineering technology, Rheon drives the international food industry to modernisation with it's advanced and patented machinery for food encrusting, dividing, weighing, moulding and stress free dough technology. Rheon Automatic Machinery GmbH, situated in Düsseldorf, Germany, is the distribution and maintenance headquarters for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. With their professional network of agents, they provide sales and servicing of Rheon products for 30 countries. At the Dusseldorf HQ, close to the international airport, you will find Rheon's equipment testing and demonstration centre. Rheon's stress free bakery equipment includes the space-saving VX range which excel in producing high quality bread from difficult to handle doughs, high water content and sticky, long fermented, doughs. The stress free technology continues to be used to form the basis for their high capacity lines for tinned bread, baguettes, ciabatta, pita, boule, flatbreads and for their state of the art laminating lines for superior pastry products. Rheon are well known for their encrusting machinery and the development service that comes with it. Their encrusting range starts with the table top KN001 encruster, the KN135, the twin lane WN155 then the KN551 suitable for bread, meat, fish, snack and pastry products. The encrusting equipment is versatile and can be found in all sectors of the food industry, making anything from Scotch eggs to bagels, from pork pies to fishcakes, meatballs or falafel. They also have a range of high capacity multihead machines and the new high speed Megaformer.

Rheon's areas of expertise are;


Rheon pioneered the encrusting machine over 50 years ago. Originally conceived for the production of Japanese sweet goods, Daifuku mochi, which is commonly a sticky rice starch dough filled with a sweet paste. The equipment has evolved into a range of machinery which spans a broad range of food products for different industries, but the basic rheological principles remain the same. The basic machine can encrust (make a filled product with up to 3 materials including a solid), co-extrude and divide (single material deposit) but there are endless possibilities of what ingredients can be used and what shapes can be formed.

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Stress free ® bakery

Rheon pioneered the patented stress free® bakery method for which their founder Torahiko Hiyashi has been entered into the American Hall of Baking for his achievements. Rheon believe in retaining the structure of your dough that has been achieved through mixing and bulk fermentation to keep an even and complete gluten structure and maintain the power of the yeast. This method enables them to handle difficult doughs with high water content and long ferementation times for high quality breads and pastry. The additional benefits are the use of less ingredients, superb crumb and crust texture and extended life.

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Applied Rheology


Encrusting is a unique term applied by Rheon for coextruding filled products but it is so much more than that. Here is a small explanation of the Rheon method.

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Rheon devised the first Stress Free technology for dough. Here we explain the basic principles and why stress free works for bakeries.

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Rheon provide exemplary test facilities at the headquarters. In Europe we have the central labs in Dusseldorf for encrusting and stress free.

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Facts and Figures

  • 1963Rheon was established with its first encrusting technology
  • 1970  Rheon invents the sheeted dough process with its stress free stretcher
  • 1974  Rheon USA and Rheon Europe (Dusseldorf) was established
  • 1979  Orange Bakery was founded in Califormia
  • 1997  Rheon introduced the worlds first complete stress free bread line and automated croissant line
  • 2012  Torahiko Hayashi, Rheon founder was entered into the American Hall of Fame for baking
  • 2018  Going strong