Rheon Stress Free®

Rheon pioneered the patented stress free® bakery method for which their founder Torahiko Hiyashi has been entered into the American Hall of Baking for his achievements. Rheon believe in retaining the structure of your dough that has been achieved through mixing and bulk fermentation to keep an even and complete gluten structure and maintain the power of the yeast. This method enables them to handle difficult doughs with high water content and long ferment times for high quality breads and pastry. The additional benefits are the use of less ingredients, extended shelf life, and superb crumb and crust texture

'What you put in, is what you get out'

VX212 Twin Divider

The Twin Divider is one of Rheons most popular machine. For craft and artisan bakers to automatically weight and cut each piece of dough using the stress free® dough


VX213 Triple Divider

The VX213 triple divider can make one,two or three lanes of dough pieces for the production of high quality breads, using the stress free® dough handling process up to 1000kg/hr


V4 Universal Line

The basics of the line are the same for making sheet and cut pitta or pizza and modules are added for rounded breads. Sheeting lines can produce up to 4,000kg per hour


High hydration doughs

SR6 Roll Line

The stress free® SR line is capable of making high quality square or round rolls from high water content, well fermented doughs. Using the V4 system for dough feeding


V4 Loaf Line

This line still utilises the stress free® process and begins with the V4 dough feeding which is selected depending on the application and capacity required (up to 4,000kg per hour). 


V4 Pizza Line

This line uses the stress free® method for producing high quality pizza bases or other 'sheet and cut' products. Good for High hydration pizza and high quality pizza


Retains the gluten structure

Boule Line

The VR250 line can be used for many types of bread, for pizza balls for Artisan Boule Bread or for making round pieces in tin bread manufacturing. It combines the flex divider with the 'punch' rounding sytem to produce a versatile rounded bread line for high quality 


AD Line

The AD Line combines Rheon stress free® sheeting technology and Rheon encrusting technology to form high quality dough products with fillings. Suitbale for bread and pastry. Product examples could be filled brioche


V4 Laminating Line

The V4 stress free® laminating line is use for making all types of pastry products. The system is superb for the production of croissants and yeasted pastry doughs due to the gentle nature of laminating and thickness reductions


'More power to the yeasts'

HM Pastry Line

The HM line is a more compact stress free® laminating line with many options. It is for lower volume production than the full size laminating line and is most usually used in an 'L' formation to form pastry products


SR2 Roll Line

The SR2 cup rounder can fit to the end of the Rheon twin divider, its moulding action allows the square or rectanglar, cut and weighed pieces to be moulded into rounds. High quality artisan bread rolls


Punch Rounder

The punch rounder mimics the action of a bakers hands to form round dough pieces from square divided pieces that exit from a Rheon stress free® divider or sheeting line.