Steamed Breads

Rheon Automatic Machinery are a Japan based food equipment manufacturing company. They are pioneers in the fields of stress free® bakery and encrusting equipment. For decades they have produced equipment which manufactures varieties of steamed bread that are popular in their home and surrounding Asian markets. They have brought their expertise of making Steamed Bao and Hirata Buns around Europe and the UK and with recent clinical studies being made into Asian Steamed Breads having a lower glycemic index value (GI) that western style baked breads they are becoming more popular with consumers in Europe. Bao buns are one of Japan's most popular 'foods-to-go' and are found in nearly all convenience stores with a variety of filling flavours. Traditional fillings are still popular with an increase in curry fillings and pizza stye filling. Rheon have several solutions for making twist top bao buns depending on the capacity and size required.

Steamed Breads we specialise in

Chilli Filled Buns

Steamed Bun filled with Chilli Beans made on the KN551 encruster or the AD Line

Traditional Steamed Bun

Chinese Steamed Bun with savoury filling made on the KN551 with twist top 

Curry Filled Bun

Flavoured dough steamed bun with curry filling made on the KN551 with twist top  

Pizza Filled Bun

Pizza filled steamed bun with flavoured dough made on KN551 with twist top shutter

Sweet Steamed Bun

Steamed bun filled with a sweet filling

Hirata Buns

These can be made on Rheon stress free® lines or simply on the KN551 encruster. 

Rheon Equipment for Steamed Breads



KN551 Video

AD Line Video

Kortlever Steamed Bread Lines

Full Steamed Bread Line

Kortlever design and build full steamed bread lines for Bao products integrating Rheon encrusters. Please read the article about a Kortlever installation


Automatic Transfers

Kortlever use their automation skills to automate this line but also make it flexible enough for manual intervention.

Rheon Integration

Kortlever have been working with Rheon for over 30 years and are experienced integrators of their lines